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Product Code: 2085
Description: CRC Zinc It 350gm
Number Pieces: 1
Brand: CRC

Galvanic rust protection
Aerosol 350 gm
CRC Zinc-It is a 95% Zinc rich metal coating for the total protection of steel products and fabrications. It is a perfect touch-up for galvanized products which have been cut, drilled or welded.
CRC Zinc-It forms an electro - chemical galvanizing bond which prevents rust creep age. It can be sprayed over rusted steel after a quick sweep with a wire brush or emery paper to remove loose scale, dries to touch in 15 minutes and fully cures after 72 hours.
CRC Zinc -It can be used in heat conditions up to 550 degrees Celsius intermittently, or up to 320 degrees Celsius continuously. It is a excellent primer for later painting and will resist scratching and abrasion.
In the Home: On iron railings, roofing and spouting, outdoor fixtures, hinges, fences and gates.
On the Farm: On tank stands, fences, gates, animal raceways in milking sheds and yards. Farm implements and tractor draw bars.
On boats and boat trailers on shackles, stanchions and standard rigging, winches, draw bars, wheels and guards.
Wherever galvanizing requires repair.
USDA Authorized for use in Federally inspected Meat and Poultry Plants
MAF approved C25
US Mil No. DIN50976 Mil P-46105 Mil T-26433
NSN 8030-01-237-6602

Features & Benefits
Zinc-rich - 95 percent highest purity zinc in the dried film, fuses directly to iron or steel surfaces
Weldthrough - Zinc It provides a unique coating that can be welded through
Same advantages as hot-dip galvanising - Exceptional rust protection
Excellent adhesive qualities - Forms a tough coat for long-term protection
Easy application - High film build in one step
Heavy-duty - Resistant to salt corrosion, water and heat. Powerful protection in harsh conditions
High Heat Resistance - Up to 500 degrees C
Long-term corrosion protection - Corrosion Protection Factor 72 (up to 6 years outdoors, depending on conditions)
Sacrificial anodisation of Zinc - Stops rust and rust creepage even when scratched, abraded or dented
Fast drying - Touch dry in 20 minutes, recoat at any stage, full cure in 24 hours
Easy re-application over existing film and/or clean surfaces - For ongoing protection
Finish coat - Can act as the finish coat, no need for primer
Excellent primer - May be over-coated with most standard protective paint systems for metal
Does not contain CFCs, methylene chloride
Excellent weldability
MPI Approved C23

Structural steel or frames - Welded seams, spot welding repairs, rivet holes, signs and signposts, pipes, roofs
Electrical - Transformers, transmission towers, earth pegs
Farm equipment -Water tanks, tank stands, fences, gates, animal raceways in milking sheds and yards, farm implements and tractor draw bars, metal junction, terminal boxes, pump equipment, corrugated metal buildings
Boats and boat trailers - Shackles, winches, draw bars, subframes, wheel and guards
Car or caravan - Inner door panels, tow bars, exhaust tail pipes and wheel protection under hub caps
Perfect touch-up - For galvanised products which have been cut, drilled or welded
At home - On iron railings, roofing and spouting, gutters, plumbing, ducting, radio and TV aerials, outdoor fixtures, hinges, fences and gates, wrought iron, air conditioning and refrigeration units
Industrial - Equipment and machinery, machine housings
Roading and Construction - Bridges, guard rails, lamp stands
Wherever galvanising requires repair or bare steel or iron needs protection
For use on steel or iron - Not effective when used on non-ferrous metals


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