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We are a bearing and engineering supply company with ten staff to “provide solutions to meet your needs” and to provide the fast, friendly service that provides you with a good quality product.

In 2007 we transferred from a family trading partnership to a new company called ‘Bearing and Engineering Supplies Ltd’ - still owned and operated by the same owners. The foundation of 'Bearing and Engineering Supplies Ltd’s' business dealings is quality products, respected brand names, knowledgeable staff and high level of customer service have been the sound base on which our business has grown to this level in the last 43 years.


Richmond Branch


The past...


In 1999 as a result of our professional customers commenting to us that “you cannot find quality engineering items in stock in Nelson" we started researching the markets for suppliers, brands to suit our customers’ requirements, and brought them in store to provide the products that our customers couldn't find.


In June 2000 we decided to go forward in our business direction and we started up our new engineering supplies company called ‘Nelson Engineering Supplies’ which we traded as a separate business, supplying quality engineering products as well as recognised brand names with our high level of service.  Before long this brought about an amalgamation of the two businesses and a new name of ‘Bearing and Engineering Supplies.'


Now one business and one focus we took on new challenges and in 2005 we started importing the majority of our bearings and associated power transmission components from Australia, Singapore and England, dealing with respected and quality suppliers, which let us service competitively to the wider New Zealand market.


We originally started the business on 4th May 1981 as a family based business called 'Bearing and Transmission Centre'  a name that is still known in the region these days (43 years later!) This serviced the region with bearings and industrial power components, providing our customers service with honesty and loyalty. Then in September 1988 we opened our Richmond branch which gave us two outlets.


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